"Wiener Berufsbörse” (WBB) is an information and guidance centre for addicted and ex- addicted persons, who want to rejoin the labour force. The task is the re-integration of drug and alcohol-addicts into the labour market.

WBB provides information, advice and specific or individualised guidance on the placement of clients (addicted and ex- addicted persons) in the labour market.


As a Non-Governmental Organisation, WBB receives funding by:

- the Austrian Labor Market Service (AMS)
- the City of Vienna (Vienna Social Funds/FSW) and
- the European Social Funds (ESF)

On the other hand, WBB is also an information center to other organisations (Networking).

WBB is in close contact to other social institutions (e.g. guidance and welfare centers, self-help-institutions... ), which is very helpful for the client`s immediate supply with additional services of such institutions. On the contrary, WBB also offers its services to the other institution`s unemployed clients, if they have addiction problems.